Find Your Fragrance

Take the guesswork out of your favorite fragrance. We have created a fun quiz to help determine the scent that’s best for you. Simply answer the questions and discover the most suitable fragrance for your personality type.


Which word describes you the best?

What do you like to do in your free time?

What should be the ideal view from your window?

What is your favourite music?

Which is your idea of a date?

What type of car do you prefer?

What is your favourite food?

It is important that your soulmate is:

What can you not leave the house without?

Your vibe is light and bright, so you gravitate towards floral fragrances. Notes like jasmine and vanilla will keep your mood boosted, your productivity high. You are an easy going optimist, that loves interacting with other people, having fun, minimizing their problems, spreading charm all over the place, infecting everybody with your carefree laughter. People are attracted to your fun approach towards life. You just can not figure out why people whine so much. There’s a romantic in all of us but you place love on a pedestal. Notes like Rose, Neroli and Palmarosa will envelop you with romance.

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Herbal/ Citrus/ Minty
You are a minimalist at heart, someone who appreciates simplicity and design that’s both elegant and uncomplicated. Envelop your home with a refreshing, elegant aroma to match your sophisticated and stylish personality. You love clean lines, contemporary spaces and a bright, dry feel. Nothing impresses you more than a classic, clean and fresh aroma. You are well organized and often called a perfectionist. Invigorating notes like lemongrass, peppermint and fresh basil will improve your mood and cognitive performance.

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Your vibe is grounded and trustworthy. Usually Introverted and close to nature, you enjoy earthy smells that remind you of being outside. Akin to an iceberg, you have a whole lot of unseen depth of character. You are not a small talker and would rather choke than have a frivolous conversation. Sensual and classy, you are daring and wouldn’t dream of running with the crowd. You usually take the path less travelled. Solid notes like Vetiver, Cedarwood and Lavender match your mysterious and reliable vibe.

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You are famous for your active way of life and enjoy making a statement. Vivacious, mischievous, exuberant, you are always living it up! If there is a new restaurant in town, you would be the first one to try it out and give an honest review. Usually with a finger on the pulse of life, you know what you want and how to achieve it. You are confidant and have a natural curiosity towards life. You need spicy notes designed to be an adrenaline rush, in a candle. Uplifting notes like Cinnamon and clove match your vibe.

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