Frequently asked questions

No glitter is added. Palm Wax has a natural crystalline finish. The crystalline finish and different patterns are formed due to presence of a mix of fatty acids. It is a natural finish and can not be replicated by any other kind of wax.
The use of higher quality ingredients and the fact that they are completely handmade. This contributes to higher raw materials and manufacturing costs. Certified sustainable palm wax and essential oils do not contain parabens, phthalates or petroleum based products. These are completely safe to burn around humans vs paraffin/soy wax and synthetic fragrances. Hence, higher priced. Having said that, Palm candles last longer and spread fragrance till the very end, hence provide excellent value for money.
Palm Lights are made with natural essential oils, which requires a full wax pool in order to release fragrance. Please allow 20–30 minutes for a substantial wax pool to form and the room to be filled with fragrance. This fragrance will linger on even after the candle is extinguished.

Palm Light Pillar candles are meant to create a ‘Lantern effect’. When lighting the candle for the first time, please allow a wax pool to form till about 1/2″ of hardened wax is left on the sides. Extinguish, trim the wick and then relight it after 20 minutes. The lantern effect will be created, bringing the crystalline pattern on the walls of the candle come to life. Never burn a candle more than 3 hours at a stretch.

No, Palm Lights are made with 100% natural palm wax sourced from sustainable farming. I use natural oil soluble dyes, aromatherapy grade plant based essential oils and Cotton/ wood wicks to make the candles. There is no other additive used. Palm Lights are eco-friendly and healthy candles free from nasty preservatives, softeners, chemicals and stabilizers.

Fragrances like clean cotton, coffee, cherry blossom, baby powder, bubble gum, Chanel No.5 are synthetic. Meaning these are not distilled from plants and are artificially made in laboratory with chemicals. Sorry, I do not use synthetic fragrances because of its harmful effect on humans and pets. I only use Essential oils derived from plants, which provide aromatherapy benefits.

Yes, I offer a candle refill service. You are rewarded with 25% off when you bring a pre-loved candle jar to refill. Choose any fragrance from my portfolio. Shipping extra or pick it up from my stall at weekly pop-up markets.
Yes, Palm wax candles have a great visual appeal due to the intricate crystalline patterns on the surface and I can make them unscented too. Highly recommended at mealtimes at church/ home/ for restaurant owners. Can be made uncolored too(natural ivory).

Wax Melts are a perfect alternative to candles when you want to fragrance a room without lighting a candle! Use an electric burners or a regular oil burner with a tealight underneath. Palm wax does not stick. Simply pop out the hardened wax once it cools completely.

Yes! Please for the monthly newsletter to get a 10% discount on your first purchase. Thereafter, you will receive monthly offers and promotions in your inbox.

No returns or refunds, please visit my stall at pop-up markets to make sure you like the fragrance before you buy it. A replacement will be provided in case of production defects or damage during shipping.
Sure, Palm lights would be a great addition, especially in ‘Organic and Handmade’ goods section. Special pricing is available for wellness spaces, yoga centers and retail store owners. Please contact me at bhawna@palmlights.ae for wholesale pricing.

Yes, I accept private label orders. Get your own unique design, fragrance, labeling and packaging designed from Palm Lights. Please visit ‘Bulk’ for more