Chakra Meditation Candles

Chakra means ‘Wheel’ in Sanskrit. There are 7 major chakras or ‘spinning vortex of energy’ in the astral body each corresponding to a nerve plexus in the physical body. Each chakra influences the organs and other body parts within its energy field. They also influence the endocrine system affecting and controlling our mood, personality, health as well as our spiritual evolution.
By meditating on these chakras, we can bring them into alignment and remove any blockages. Our chakra candles serve a dual purpose – Concentrating at the flame helps in your meditation practice and the essential oils aid in healing of the chakras.
Chakra Dhyana or meditation is an ancient and highly revered practice, We base our candles on chakras outlined in the Brahma Upnishad( Ancient Indian scriptures).
Try the chakra candles today!