Dried herb candle

Dried herbs in Candles – Think again!

I write this as I turn down yet another request for a herb candle. Why, you may ask?! In absence of safety laws for candles in UAE, many candle makers do not conduct sufficient testing related to quality or safety of their candles.THE SCIENCE Candles with...

Bespoke plantable packaging

SWitch to sustainable packaging – challenges and solutions

When I launched the company in 2013, I aimed to create a product that is sustainable, environment-friendly and manufactured locally. For packaging, we mainly used cardboard and oxo-biodegradable polyolefin shrink-wrap. However, there was always a nagging thought at the back of my mind that we could...

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Salalah – The land of Frankincense

My love for aromatic oils finally overtook my inertia and I found myself in the charismatic city of Salalah - the land of Frankincense. June to August is Khareef season, when the monsoon clouds from India come bearing gifts of mist, cooler temperatures and abundant rainfall to...