white sage smudge stick

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A calming and relaxing fragrance used to clear the space of negative energy, promote mindfulness and purify the air around you. Dried sage, especially white sage, has been traditionally used by Native Americans as a method of purification, house blessings and cleansing.

I would recommend their white sage smudge stick. I was on lookout for sage in Dubai and I was lucky to come across their website. The fragrance is indeed calming and relaxing.
– Mitzelle Mika Jianang
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  • used in smudging
  • anti-bacterial
  • helps to relax, stay focused and combat everyday stress
  • available in 2 sizes – 4- 5″ and 8-9″

Additional information

Dimensions12 × 5 cm
Diameter/ Breadth

5 cm

Burn Time

45 minutes (per stick)


75 g


Small, Large

Incense Care

Light one end of the sage stick and blow it out to produce fragrant smoke. Waft the smoke throughout the space you want to cleanse – or over yourself to cleanse negativity and other unwanted energies.

Never leave unattended and place on a temperature safe surface. After the cleansing ritual is over, snuff in soil/earth/ sand/abalone shell. Shake off the ashes and store properly for repeat use.