Peach Taper Candle

box of 4 taper candles

AED 63.00AED 77.00

Peach taper candles are lovingly handpoured to create a long-lasting, smoke-free and virtually drip-less burn. The unique snowflake finish of palm wax makes it a charming décor piece.

Each box has 4 candles. The candle of a base diameter of 2.2 cm, tapering to a tip of 1.2cm.  Height is 26 cm

Available scented or unscented. Please choose your preferred option.

Set up – While inserting the candles in a taper candle holder, hold the candle at its base and push in gently. Do not apply excessive pressure or the candle might break. Our locally made Travertine holders are best suited to hold Palm Lights taper candles and can be brought separately here.



  • Eco Features – RSPO certified palm wax
  • WHO-GMP certified aromatherapy grade essential oils
  • Bio-degradable candles
  • Free of toxins
  • Free of synthetic fragrance oils
  • Bright and soot free flame
  • Safely enclosed in a sturdy gift box

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 27.5 × 9.5 × 2.5 cm


Burn Time

10 Hours


26 cm

Diameter/ Breadth

2.2 cm


2.2 cm


60 g per candle


unscented, scented

Candle Care

  • Place snugly in a taper candle holder
  • Ensure the candle is standing perfectly straight in the holder or it will drip
  • Always burn candles on a temperature-safe surface
  • Avoid burning taper candles near any drafts ( AC vents, open windows or fan), doing so will cause rapid, uneven burning and excessive dripping
  • Use a candle snuffer to extinguish gently. Do not blow on the flame or it will drip.
  • Trim wick to 4 mm before each use.
  • Don’t store in direct sunlight
  • Do not sprinkle water or moisture on a burning candle, this can become a fire hazard
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended