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We are bombarded with so many chemicals in our daily lives. A few years ago, I was looking for a way to reduce, if not eliminate unnecessary chemicals from my home. Believe me, Being a candle addict didn’t help! Most candles are either made of toxic Paraffin or genetically modified Soy. Additionally, synthetically fragranced candles cause allergic reactions and poor air quality.

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One Goal

Not wanting to give up entirely, I decided to make my own candles and started experimenting at home. My guiding lights were my love for handmade, respect for the planet and a passion for perfection. I invested in natural and organic (whenever possible) raw materials. An year of trial and error with different waxes, wicks and fragrances ensued. In the end, I was able to create a candle that looked beautiful, burnt properly, smelled good and was completely safe to burn around my children. My friends loved it and encouraged me to sell. This is how Palm Lights was born!

Eco friendly

Each candle is a unique piece of art because no two pieces look exactly the same, thanks to the natural feather and snowflake pattern of palm wax. A lot of effort goes into handcrafting these candles. Each candle takes about 10-12 hours to make and a couple of days to cure. I use only authentic and transparent ingredients (no nasties or color stabilizers), which bring wellness. This is what makes it worth to be lit around you. 
Enter the sensual world of light and fragrance, at the flick of a match!

Wax Melts and Pillars

Palm Lights Artisanal Candles

Natural palm wax candles by Palm Lights are entirely created by hand. The process involves handpouring molten wax and a setting period of 2 – 7 days to create unique crystalline candles


We hand pour our candles in small batches to ensure quality control


Our candles have a natural crystalline finish, no two candles are ever the same


We use plantable packaging for mini candles and 100% recyclable packaging for other products

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We fragrance Palm lights candles with 100% essential oils, offering aromatherapy benefits


We offer candle refill service at a discounted price, encouraging you to reuse


We use odorless plant based color dyes and cotton/wood wicks, free of metal cores