Grey taper candle cum matchstick holder

AED 87.50

Inspired by the shape of desert cacti and carved from titanium travertine, our new 2-in-1 holder brings understated elegance to any space. Embrace the earthy tones and playful variations in natural stone that make every holder unique.

Designed to hold Palm Lights taper candles or colored matchsticks, it effortlessly blends function with flair. The holder comes with a striking surface to ignite the matches. The holder is 10 cm tall x 9 cm wide and holds a taper candle with a base dia of 2.2 cm or less. A deeper secret chamber in the hollowed cavity holds the matchsticks when it is not being used for holding a candle.

(The price does not include candles or matchsticks).


  • Palm Lights exclusive
  • Height 10 cm, holds taper candles of <= 2.2 cm dia
  • Holds Palm Lights colored matchsticks of length 9.8 cm or higher
  • In-built striker to ignite the matches ( easily removable )
  • Natural Iranian titanium travertine
  • Slight variation in color and texture is to be expected; each will be unique
  • Unfilled, semi-polished
  • Use with a taper candle or long matchsticks (buy separately)
  • Clean with a PH-neutral soap and soft damp cloth
  • Made in UAE

Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 9 × 4.2 × 10 cm


Product care

  • Indoor/outdoor use; store indoors when not in use
  • Clean with a PH-neutral soap and soft damp cloth
  • Heavy stone item, exercise caution