Dried herb candle

Dried herbs in Candles – Think again!

Salalah, Oman during Khareef

I write this as I turn down yet another request for a herb candle. Why, you may ask?! In absence of safety laws for candles in UAE, many candle makers do not conduct sufficient testing related to quality or safety of their candles.


Candles with dried herbs burn at an incredible rate. This is because they contain oils that easily evaporate. When you burn them, these volatile oils vaporize and rise up through the flame, where they mix with oxygen from the air to form an explosive mixture of carbon dioxide and water vapor (CO₂ + H₂O).

When this happens at high enough temperatures , it creates a pressure inside the combustion chamber of your candle that can blow out its glass container if it’s not strong enough. It can also burn down the house if the jar is knocked out or breaks into pieces.


Here’s how you can ensure candle safety:

  1. Avoid adding flammable materials including dried flowers, leaves, herbs and wood embedded in the wax near the flame 
  2. You can add non-flammable items like metal and stone
  3. Use fragranced candles made with essential oils, where the oils are added to liquid wax and do not separate upon cooling
  4. If you like dried herbs, ask your candlemaker to make a wax melt with it. Since the wax melt does not come in contact with the flame directly, it is a safer option for you.

Lastly, it is a myth that adding dried herbs to wax will make the candle smell better. The only way you can fragrance a candles is via wax compatible oils like natural essential oils or synthetic fragrance oils. Dried herbs are a not a great idea and can prove to be a fire hazard.

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