Vishuddhi (Throat) Chakra Candle

AED 100.00

One Tin candle. Cloves and Eucalyptus- the fresh, minty fragrance of this candle helps the meditator to improve verbal/mental communication and become a good listener too.

Have only had the time to light up the heart Chakra, but am super happy with it. Helped me meditate and I used it during sound meditation. Thank you so much
– Stefanie HeidesterBhavna has managed to combine spirituality, a treat to our senses and most importantly environmental sustainability at affordable costs.
The aromas stimulate our body’s chakras and align our senses to create an energy of wellness and health . Way to go young lady .
– Dr. Minal Patwardhan, Minal Medical CentreThe smell was amazing! Love how the smell of Cloves comes strong every now and then.
– Deirdre Ireland


  • Eco Features – RSPO certified palm wax.
  • WHO-GMP certified aromatherapy grade essential oils.
  • Bio-degradable candles.
  • Free of toxins.
  • Free of synthetic fragrance oils.
  • Bright and soot free flame.
  • Unique crystalline wax finish

Additional information


5.2 cm

Diameter/ Breadth

8 cm



Burn Time

30 Hours


0.2 kg

Candle Care

Caution – Always burn candles on a temperature safe surface. Care instructions – Don’t store in direct sunlight. Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 th of an inch.