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Bundle of 2

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1. Stoneware Candle Set 2 Lavender and Patchouli – The set consists of 2 candles and 1 branded 8 cm matchbox.. We recommend to burn both candles at the same time to achieve a unique fragrance layering effect.

Lavender – A calming and relaxing combination of Lavender, Lavender Bulgarian and Lavandin essential oils prompt us to slow down and make time for inner reflection.

Patchouli – A sedating and mystical combination of Patchouli and Frankincense essential oils. This candle has a rich, balsamic flavor with a minty-woody undertone, characteristic of patchouli leaves. Layer it with its twin Lavender candle to enjoy the full symphony of fragrance in this set.

2. Mini Twin Candle Set 1 Palo Santo, Cypriol Each Twin Candle Set consists of 2 mini size candles from the AND Unisex candle collection. We recommend to burn both candles at the same time to achieve a unique fragrance layering effect. Cypriol & Vetiver – An exotic earthy-sweet, woody fragrance made with the smoky roots of Indian Cypriol and Vetiver. To achieve a unisex appeal, a musky note of oakmoss is added to the mix. (Black)

Palo Santo & Cajeput – The piney woodsy fragrance of Palo Santo clears the mind and provides emotional equanimity. Eucalyptus and Cajeput add camphorous yet grounding notes to the mix. This candle is especially useful for meditation, reflection and inner work. ( Silver )

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  • 1 Candle Set of 2 Stoneware candles
  • 1 Mini Set of 2 Candles from AND collection
  • Hand Faceted glass in ancient Battuto technique
  • Eco Features – RSPO certified palm wax
  • WHO-GMP certified aromatherapy grade essential oils
  • Free of toxins.
  • Free of synthetic fragrance oils.
  • Bright and soot free flame.
  • Reusable, heat tolerant containers.
  • Enclosed in luxurious gift boxes.
  • Additional gift packaging/ personal message can be arranged at an extra cost on request.

Additional information

Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 cm

Black, Silver

Burn Time

20 Hours


Candle – 6.5 cm, Box – 7 cm

Diameter/ Breadth

Candle – 6.5 cm


Box – 16 cm


Wax weight 0.1 kg Candle weight 0.2 kg Candle weight with box 0.5 kg

Candle Care

Caution – Always burn candles on a temperature safe surface. Care instructions – Don’t store in direct sunlight. Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 th of an inch.