Ramadan Care Package 1

Bundle of 3

AED 200.00 AED 165.00

Ivory candle with wooden lid and personalised message
A classy ivory candle in a fragrance of your choice. Personalise it with your message to your loved ones for Ramadan!
Personalisation – Please mention the below details in the shipping notes so we can prepare the artwork and send it to you for approval.

o Your message in no more than 20 words
o Sender’s name
o Fragrance (Choose one from Naive Neroli/ Lavender Forever/ Puff of Patchouli / Pint of Mint/ Jasmine Vine)

A tube box of finest artisanal incense sticks, which is a blend of wood, herbs, flowers, essential oils, hydrosols, resins and spices. It is soft to touch and follows the ancient art of incense making. Each stick burns slowly, lasts for about 45 minutes and produces strong fragrance throw. Our classic incense does not contain synthetic fragrances, glue, toxic fillers or burners, charcoal or dung. Suitable for indoor use. Choose from Frankincense, Oudh, Myrrh, Lotus or Cedarwood. Each tube contains 24 sticks.

Foot Soak salts
Foot Soak Salts mixes the mineral powers of epsom and Iranian sea salts with the healing properties of lavender. Koalin Clay draws out the toxins, Lavender essential oils and flower buds heals the skin and leave your feet baby soft.


  • Eco Features – RSPO certified palm wax.
  • WHO-GMP certified aromatherapy grade essential oils.
  • Bio-degradable candles.
  • Free of toxins.
  • Free of synthetic fragrance oils.
  • Bright and soot free flame.
  • Unique crystalline wax finish

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions40 × 12 × 12 cm


Burn Time

40 Hours

Candle Care

Caution – Always burn candles on a temperature safe surface. Care instructions – Don’t store in direct sunlight. Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 th of an inch.