European Summer Pillar Candle


AED 100.00

Embrace memories of that european holiday with the calming fragrance of organic lavender. Recreate the purple haze of lavender fields and a warm hug of lavender flowers with a flick of the match.

With every purchase, Receive a free scented pouch with real lavender buds. Hang it in your closet or in your handbag and watch the healing power of Earth with its exquisite flora.


  • Natural art pattern on the surface of the candle
  • Bio-degradable candles
  • Made with aromatherapy grade essential oils
  • Smooth surface – No oily or waxy feel
  • Lasts twice as long as Paraffin candle
  • Free of toxins and fragrance oils
  • Enclosed in an elegant box.
  • Ingredients – (Vegetable palm wax, essential oils, aniline-free color dye, cotton wick)

Additional information




Small: 7.5 cm

Diameter/ Breadth

Small: 7.5 cm



Burn Time

Small: 50 Hours


Small: 0.32 kg

Candle Care

Caution – Burn the candle for 3 hours or till a thin outer shell is formed. Palm Lights pillar candles are designed to burn like a lantern, so the crystal pattern of Palm wax will glow from inside. The bottom part of the box can be used as a coaster to hold the candle while burning. Never burn candles for more than 3 hours a time. Don’t store in direct sunlight. Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 th of an inch.